Introducing Opus

A new offering in Quid that lets you visualize and analyze any custom set of text-based data.



If you're already a Quid customer, we invite you to try Opus for free.

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Use Opus to understand:

  • What your customers are talking about. Examples: online forums and product reviews.
  • What your competitors are up to. Examples: job postings and corporate filings.
  • What your employees are dealing with. Examples: employee surveys or internal documents.


Get the case study to see Opus in action. 



Get the basics:

  • Inform your colleagues and others. Let them know about Opus with this one-page info sheet.



Questions? Join the webinar

Join our interactive webinar on Tuesday December 13, 2016 at 11am PT / 2p ET.



** For a recording of the webinar, please visit our YouTube channel **

See everything your customers, prospects, competitors and employees are talking about.